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Happy Birthday Steve Pemberton! (1 September, 1967-)

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Happy Birthday to the one and only, Mr. Reece Shearsmith!
Thought about it for quite a while, finally decided to do a collection card. 

Happy Birthday Reece Shearsmith! (27 August, 1969 -)

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Happy Birthday Reece :-)

Happy 45th Birthday, Reece!

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Happy 45th Birthday to this amazingly talented and beautiful man! We love you!!

September Cover Star Idris Elba

Pic of Reece from the Guardian Weekend magazine, 23rd August 2014

Reece Shearsmith: Life as I know it


Fucking lovely interview with Reece. For all of you who call him a ‘grumpy cunt’, read this. And re-evaluate. 


Reece Shearsmith and the Shortlist Man dilemma

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Q&A: Reece Shearsmith | Life and style | The Guardian

Brilliant new interview with Reece.

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Reece as DI Sean Stone in Chasing Shadows.