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September Cover Star Idris Elba

Pic of Reece from the Guardian Weekend magazine, 23rd August 2014

Reece Shearsmith: Life as I know it


Fucking lovely interview with Reece. For all of you who call him a ‘grumpy cunt’, read this. And re-evaluate. 


Reece Shearsmith and the Shortlist Man dilemma

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Q&A: Reece Shearsmith | Life and style | The Guardian

Brilliant new interview with Reece.

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Reece as DI Sean Stone in Chasing Shadows.

Chasing Shadows 2014 promo

ITV’s Chasing Shadows

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NEW ITV crime drama ‘Chasing Shadows’ is now available for pre-order! LINK BELOW:

Short video with Mark and Reece (along with Sanjeev Bhaskar and Mike Myers) discussing their favourite Monty Python sketches. (x)

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Dr. Flynn appreciation post…one of Reece’s funniest, most slapstick roles.

Happy Shearsmith Sunday!