Tom Hardy + Handsome Bob

Tom Hardy as Pfc. John Janovec(Band of Brothers) 

Tom Hardy as Pfc. John Janovec
(Band of Brothers) 

Have a nice Shearsmith Sunday!

Reece on This Morning


If you missed Reece’s interview on This Morning, can’t access ITV Player or can’t be arsed with it’s horrible ad-infested format, I’ve uploaded it. Get it here!


Hurrah, it’s Sunday!

Finally watching ‘Chasing Shadows’ s01e01.

And drinking red wine.

I’m quite happy at the moment…

"Chasing Shadows" (Ep. 1)


Here you go, sweeties!

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Reece Shearsmith as DI Sean Stone in Chasing Shadows Episode 1.

Alex Kingston and Reece Shearsmith in Chasing Shadows (Ep. 1/4)

Has it ever occurred to you that other people may have something valuable to offer?


"Have you got a husband?" 

Chasing Shadows

 ↳ Episode One

DS Stone marches to the beat of his own drum. I’m not entirely sure if it’s medical, but It’s definitely not personal.